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Expert Telemedicine Services

At Virtual Gynecology, Dr. Yuri offers medical advice through synchronous, real-time audio-video communication to patients located in MD, DC and VA.

Our Offerings

20-Minute Consultation

For those seeking evaluation and treatment for symptoms of UTIs, vaginitis, or STD testing, our 20-minute consultation is tailored to address these concerns with care and expertise efficiently.

30-Minute Consultation

For patients grappling with more complex issues, such as menopausal symptoms or seeking a second opinion, our 30-minute consultation allows for a thorough assessment and comprehensive guidance.

Flexible Appointment Times

We understand the demands of daily life, so we offer weekend, evening, and early morning appointments to accommodate our patients' schedules.

Get in Touch

Whether you need a quick symptom evaluation or comprehensive care for more nuanced issues, our team is here to provide compassionate support and expert guidance. Contact us now.