Empowering Women's Wellness

Ensuring Seamless Access to Gynecological Care From the Comfort of Your Home

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Our Commitment to Virtual Healthcare Practice

Welcome to our virtual gynecology practice. Dr. Yuri is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Telemedicine practice, which exclusively offers virtual appointments. Our mission is to establish a robust online presence, catering to new and existing patients by providing valuable resources and unparalleled care.

Why Choose Us

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Driven by Values

With sincerity, honesty, genuineness, wholesomeness, and transparency at the core of our values, we are committed to delivering professional, informative, and user-friendly experiences through our website, reflecting Dr. Yuri's expertise and unwavering dedication to women's health.

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Comprehensive Telehealth Services

During our telehealth appointments, there's a myriad of services we can provide remotely. From discussing and treating menopausal symptoms, offering counseling before conception, addressing UTIs and vaginal infections, facilitating STD testing, arranging referrals for blood work and imaging studies, conducting records review appointments, offering second opinions, and providing PCOS therapy, we cover a wide spectrum of women's health needs.

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Embracing Change

While Dr. Yuri no longer maintains a physical location in the Greater Washington, DC, Area, we are excited about the opportunity to reconnect with our former patients and extend our care to many new individuals seeking our expertise and guidance.

A Grateful Invitation

Join us in embracing the future of women's health care. Experience the blend of genuine care and cutting-edge technology at Virtual Gynecology. We're excited to guide you on your health journey, offering support, expertise, and peace of mind.