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Dr. Prikoupenko is a talented and highly sought-after Rockville gynecologist who specializes in a number of advanced, minimally invasive gynecologic procedures for evaluation and treatment of a wide range of women's health issues. He and his staff are readily available to you to answer any questions that you may have about any of the procedures addressed here. To learn more about hysteroscopy, please review the paragraphs below.

What is Hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is an advanced gynecological procedure used for inspection of the inside of the uterus. Hysteroscopy involves the use of a thin, telescope-like device (hysteroscope) that is inserted into the uterus vie the vaginal opening. This advanced method of uterine evaluation has proven to be quite effective in diagnosis of uterine problems.

Although, considered a minor surgical procedure, hysteroscopy does not involve the creation of incisions and is generally performed under local anesthesia. Dr. Yuri may perform the procedure at his Rockville gynecology practice or at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, depending on the complexity and extend of the procedure required to diagnose your uterine problem.

In some cases, laparoscopic surgery may be performed at the same time as hysteroscopy, which allows Dr. Yuri to insert surgical instruments through the hysteroscope. When performed in conjunction with laparoscopic surgery, the procedure is performed in a hospital setting under general anesthesia.

When is Hysteroscopy Used?

Hysteroscopy can be performed by itself or as part of another gynecologic procedure to diagnose and/or treat uterine problems, including:
• Abnormal bleeding
• Adhesions
• Abnormal uterine growths (fibroids, polyps)
• A displaced uterine device (IUD)
• Endometrial ablation
• To inspect infertility issues due to the size or shape of the uterus
• To diagnose the cause behind repeated miscarriages

Hysteroscopy Preoperative Preparations and Surgery Complications

Hysteroscopy is generally performed the first week after a woman's period, which allows Dr. Yuri to better view the inside of the uterus. As part of the preoperative process and preparation you will be given specific instructions and may be asked not to eat or drink for a certain time period prior to the procedure.

Hysteroscopy is a safe procedure when performed by an experienced gynecologist. Some rare complications are associated with this type of surgery and greatly depend on the complexity of the procedure, surgeon's skills and the patient's medical history, current medical conditions and the like. Dr. Yuri and his staff will inform you of any risks prior to treatment.

Hysteroscopy Recovery

Hysteroscopy recovery depends on the complexity of the procedure. Most patients, who undergo hysteroscopy under the excellent care of Dr. Yuri, are able to return to their daily routine within a few hours following hysteroscopy. However, when combined with laparoscopic surgery, the recovery period may last up to several days. To learn more about laparoscopic recovery period, please visit our laparoscopy surgery page or contact Dr. Yuri.

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